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3AMB visits Fund Isaan in Thailand
On March 9th and 10th 2015, Arnold and Brigitte Raicher, representatives of Fund Isaan sponsor 3AMB visited us in Thailand. Click here to read all about their visit!
November 2014: Fund Isaan featured on Thai National TV Channel 11
During the handover of scholarships at Prasat Technical College, Fund Isaan and some of our students were interviewed by reporters from Channel 11!
July 2014: Fund Isaan installs 3 new computer classes!
Fund Isaan installed computer classes in 3 primary schools throughout the Surin Province in Isaan! We also renewed and repaired existing computer classes. Click this item to read our report.
March 2014: First Fund Isaan students graduate!
21 students supported through Fund Isaan scholarships have graduated this year! Read our report and see for yourself how we, with the help of our sponsors, have made an impact into these students' lives.
October 2013: Fund Isaan renews and installs 3 computer classes!
Fund Isaan, with the help of ASML Foundation, installed 3 new computer classes. Read all about it in our report!
Fund Isaan Facebook
Fund Isaan is now on Facebook! Check out our current activities and news on our page "Fund Isaan".
Fund Isaan volunteers on you tube !
On a volunteer trip to Thailand, Klaas Vandeweerdt gives a tour of one of the schools that received free computers from Fund Isaan. Click on the title to see the video.
Fund Isaan volunteers teach English
Volunteers of fund Isaan are working closely together with local teachers to improve the teaching of English. Read all about their adventures under the section volunteers of this website
The King Baudouin Foundation
Don't know the King Baudouin Foundation? Have a look.
Fund Isaan on global TV
In July 2008 our project featured in a global CNBC documentary . Click on the title to see the result.

Fund Isaan is a Non Profit organization for the betterment of the education of children in the Isaan region of Thailand. We are officially recognized as a foundation under Thai law and are managed by the King Baudouin Foundation in Belgium.

Through our various projects we aim at providing children in the North East of Thailand a better education.

  1. We provide non-repayable scholarships to children with high intellectual potential but limited financial means;

  2. We set up and maintain computer classes in different schools in the region.

  3. We send carefully selected and well prepared volunteers to the region to help local teachers and schools, raising the level of the English language courses;

  4. We organize English camps in the Isaan region to motivate both teachers and students to study the English language.

Fund Isaan featured on National Thai TV Channel 11

Fund Isaan was recently featured on Thai TV Channel 11. During the handover of scholarships for the coming term at Prasat Technical College, Fund Isaan and some of our scholarship students were interviewed for a feature on Channel 11. The report is in Thai and footage used for the report can be seen in this article.

Why Isaan?

Isaan, in the North East, is the poorest region in Thailand. 70% of the population is classified as poor.

Agriculture in the region is extremely problematic. The climate is prone to drought, while during the rainy season the flat terrain is prone to flooding.

The public infrastructure and services are basic, roads leading to villages are in poor condition and often not paved. Public water supply is only available in big cities.


There are numerious consequences of poverty for the local population, including: debts, lack of education, failed crops leading to famine, migration to big cities such as Bangkok, insufficient public health services, ...
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