IT Classes

Twenty years ago the biggest challenge for education in "less developed" regions was basic education. Children and adults had to learn how to read and write.

Meanwhile, Information Technology (IT) has become the single most important source for the availability and the transfer of knowledge. These are the main drivers for economic and social progress. While the western commercial world is using IT to its full extent, less developed regions get further and further behind. Even schools in the West have problems to keep their IT infrastructure up to date. For schools in some other areas of the world it is simply impossible.

Fund Isaan provides schools in the North East of Thailand with "state of the art" computer classes. A typical class consists of a number computers (based on the size and needs of the school) and a multifunctional printer unit all connected via a network and internet enabled. On top of this we provide standard software solutions including our own developed learning tools and e-learning for kids solutions.

Volunteers of Fund Isaan take care of the installation of the computer class and guarantee the maintenance and regular update of the class during its normal lifecycle. Furthermore they train local teachers to assure that they can work with the equipment. In return the Fund asks the schools to organize adult education for the villagers of the surrounding communities and to open its doors for other schools in the area.

This approach has proven to be a real success. More schools apply for a computer class than the Fund can handle. Kids are motivated more than ever and adults are trained by their own children in basic computer skills.

Those that want to follow our example are more than welcome, but let's be careful. Importing computers in Thailand and in many other countries is not as simple as it sounds. Anti-dumping regulation needs to be respected, which requires import permits in most Asian and third world countries. So before you get started make sure your paper work is under control. 



Meanwhile we have installed computer classes at:

Ban Pluang (Bamrungrat) School, Saikaew Wittaya School, Chueplueng School, Tangjai Witthayakom School
Chumbeng School, Luntae School, Kogbu School, Kalengwek School
Khaen Dong Watrajsamagkee School, Ban Sarai School, Thungluang Phupphachai School, Ban Sala School, Ban Ponduan School
Ban Arwae School, Ban Lamduan School, Ban Nong Yao School
Ban Tamor School
Ban Tamieng School, Ban Srakeaw School
Ban Nongkanna School, Ban Khok Khlang School
Srisumpaoloon School, Prakeaw Wittaya School
Saikeaw Wittaya School, Koktakean Wittaya School and Khokyang Wittaya School
Cheun Pleung School
Tabao Wittaya School
Ban Thanong School